Talk Show I: Tribute

The first Talk Show invites on stage a selection of people who took time to develop a vital relationship with the environment. They share their stories about a planet dealing with climate change, biodiversity loss and evolution – seeing as beautiful what we often don’t notice, or forget to look at.

We invite the audience to an urban space to remind what lies beyond our 24h human realities, grasping the varieties of networks of life. The evening proposes a vision test for our perception of time and space. What is our capacity of a sense of wonder?

When: Friday 23 September 2016 / 19h30
Where: Willner Brauerei Berlin, Berliner Straße 80-82, 13189 Berlin
Artistic direction and production: Vincent Bozek & Simo Vassinen

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Choreography: Catharsis

The second chapter imagines scenes from a moment in time overcast with an ecological numbness. Celebrating the last rays of an eternal summer, we indulge in a full-cavity search of socialization and fun in the 21st century. Should we look for sunscreen or shade?

Moving bodies, soundscapes, minimal props, and tools of performance pay homage to human curiosity and eccentricity while loosening up the value of individual achievements.

When: 20–23 October 2016, 19h00 (60 minutes)
Where: Uferstudios, Berlin
Choreography: Vincent Bozek
Performance: Orlando Rodríguez, Kasia Wolińska
Music: Simon Bauer
Lights: Susana Alonso
Garments: Margot Charbonnier
Production: Ilja Fontaine

Tickets: 13 € / 8 € through Reservix 

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Talk Show II: Progress

After the rehydration of the first Talk Show and breathing through the choreography, the loop closes as a bootcamp for nutritional thinking. How do we customize ready-to-wear ideas? What posture do we take to build up resilience? To resist irresponsibility?

We invite along storytellers who have a knowledge – intuitive or learned – about the complexity of the variety that surrounds us. They lead us to contemplate: How to learn a language that has no dictionary? What new skills do we yearn to be fluent in?

When: 5 November 2016
Where: STATE Festival, Kühlhaus, Berlin
Artistic direction and production: Vincent Bozek & Simo Vassinen
Further details are updated on this website.


Dandelions 2016
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Dandelions is supported by the Berlin Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs (Berliner Senat Einzelprojektförderung 2016)